Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Here there be Dragons...

Recently an old keyboard overuse injury has flared up again. Aside from the the exercises that I need to do to overcome it, the other thing that seems to be helping is that I have installed Dragon simply speaking.

I remember trying out an IBM product called "VoiceType" some years back. That product was quite good although it did tend to confuse my voice with that of the dog. Strangely enough, it would never listen to anything my wife said - possibly a bit like myself :-)

At the time I installed Dragon, my hopes weren't very high. I figured that if things had changed drastically in the industry, I would know about it.

Dragon still isn't perfect, but people can come up and bother me at work and their words are not recorded. I still need to correct Dragon quite frequently, but it gets it right more often than it gets it wrong.

I'll post and update after I have been using the software for a bit longer but you may be happy to know that this blog was written using the software.


Brian Robertson said...

I have just resurected my voicetype 3.00 and installed it on my laptop.

I wondered if you can help me.
Having installed the programme and it working well.
On reboot I discover that THE PROGRAM IS WRITING THREE SMALL FILES(database files starytuk.add) TO A SUB DIRECTORY CALLED 'PROGRAM" ON THE MAIN TREE. This is conflicting with the system and the "program files" directory at the same level. On re booting i am asked to rename the directory but the programme of course makes another directory.

Is there a way of rewriting these files to another directory even to the programme directory or a patch to help in this problem.

Gavin Bollard said...

Hi Brian,

I've had a look at voicetype and it looks to me like it uses the \Programs rather than \program directory (which shouldn't cause conflicts).

I'd suggest that you uninstall it and try for a custom install.

If you can't do that, then rename the directory and then...
Do a search through the registry for it (this is likely to be painful because of the number of things using c:\program files) and replace occurances.
Change the the startup directory on the icon
Look in the programs folder for any INI files and change them.
Look in the windows folder (Win.ini and system.ini) as these are old style install files - and change any references you find.

Voice recognition has moved on a long way since voicetype and I'd recommend that you look into dragon. It's a lot better.

Good luck.