Monday, September 10, 2007

Benchmarks and Speed tips for preparing Lotus Notes Nomad USB Sticks

Last week, with the APEC conference looming in Sydney, I was suddenly called upon to provide a number of Nomad sticks to staff members.

Now, I haven't used Nomad beyond my initial testing when Notes 7.0.2 came out because I'm simply not traveling much these days and my home setup is too good to need it.

I dug out my old instructions and started installing using my work computer, which admittedly is an older model (2GHz P4) and I started the installation routines and it said that time to complete was 260 minutes.

I assumed that these were "microsoft minutes" (ie: ones unrelated to reality) but when, after a lunch break ,the install was still going - I decided to cancel.

I then tried installing to a directory on my PC. There were some good instructions from IBM and the procedure took under 5 minutes. Then I tried copying the installed files to the memory stick using Windows copy, but it was going to take 181 minutes.

I tried to cheat by ZIPPing the files (3 minutes), copying the ZIP file to the memory stick (under 1 minute) and then exploding the ZIP on the stick (6 hours).

Eventually I used the command prompt version of XCOPY. At 50 minutes, it was still a long procedure, but seemed to be the best of the lot.

The problem may have been slow memory sticks or slow ports but at least now I know the fastest way to do multiple installs. I've burned the directory to a CD so that from now on (at least until I change notes versions) I can just XCopy from the CD to the stick.

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