Thursday, November 17, 2005

Domino Administration Bootcamp

Over the last three days, I've attended "The View" Domino Administration Boot Camp. It was quite an intense bunch of sessions and my head is still reeling from all the possibilities.

One really strange thing was that most of the good things in domino have caveats of some form or other. My notes are full of writings which say "Implement this..." and then they're crossed out saying "Don't bother - it affects xxxxx". I spoke to a few other people at the bootcamp and they said the same thing.

On the whole though, I found a lot of things there to increase my preference for Domino over Exchange. (not that I really needed any) and got a lot of general and specific tips.

Over the coming months, I hope to go through these things one by one and implement them (and discuss them here) but for now, I've got sooo much email waiting.