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More on Symantec's Premium Anti-Spam Service for Domino

A quick recap
If you remember, last time I blogged about this software we ended up turning it off because it was causing a lot of problems with a particular regular correspondant. Well...

We turned the service back on after about a week because we were getting a lot of spam. I changed the settings to notify us if an email was blocked, but not to delete/quarantine it.

We were notified of the spam, but were never notified of mail from the "offending" mail system (and mail from that system was not being delivered).

Clearly the problem was much more than a simple mis-detection issue.

The Real Culprit
After doing a lot of searching, I eventually found the answer. It was that Microsoft, being unsatisfied with using the industry standard 7 bit MIME format, decided to implement an 8 bit version.

Out of the box, Notes/Domino has compatibility with this format turned off (after all, it isn't the industry standard).

Normally what would happen is that;

An Exchange server would connect to…

Some Lotus Figures

IBM Put a few figures on slides at LotusSphere.
I'm just repeating them here for easy reference.

Number of Notes/Domino 7 Seats: 12 Million
Number of ND7 Downloads: 11,575
Number of Notes Users: 125 Million
Number of Competitive Migrations: 1300

Recent Acquisitions:
Bowstreet (December 2005)
Bowstreet provide portal development tools.

PureEdge Solutions Inc (July 2005)
PureEdge are open standards forms developers.

LotusSphere comes to you...

Yesterday I attended LotusSphere comes to you in at the Sydney Hilton. Overall I think the half-day was a great success.

If I had to complain about anything it would be that when I got my gift for attending, I left it with my papers while I went to get my lunch (only a few crowded meters away). When I got back, some knave had nicked it. (sigh)...

Well, back to the day...

The Keynote Speech
This was very good and very reassuring. IBM has done a wonderful job over the last year and a bit to push Notes/Domino as well as Workplace. I think we all walked away with a very clear vision of the future.

The EForms Stuff...
I think that a lot of this stuff had people chomping at the bit... E-Forms, though not new, are terribly exciting and I can see that IBM has positioned themselves very well here. Now if only we had some of the E-Forms tools to play with (or a Macromedia Captivate tutorial on creating a form).

Exchange Versus Domino
Ok, it wasn't called this... it was called Selling Notes/Do…

Fun with Mail and Symantec Premium Anti-Spam

Today we finally resolved our problem getting emails from one of our major contacts. The problem had been going on for most of February, but had generally been unnoticed.

The Symptoms
There generally were no symptoms, people from Company X would send us emails and they wouldn't arrive. There was no mention in the Notes Logs about the emails and there was nothing in the Symantec Anti-Virus software to indicate that there was an issue.

The company had recently changed their domain name from to (all domain names changed to protect the innocent) and we had, relatively recently upgraded to Domino 7.0, so there was much finger-pointing in both directions.

Steps Taken
The first thing I did was look through our firewall logs, but I quickly gave up - they were too difficult because of the sheer number of entries. I tried several methods of dumping the files, but they weren't readable and I couldn't see any filtering options.

My first mistake was to not spend enoug…