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Book Review: IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 User Guide by Karen Hooper

IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 User Guide
by Karen Hooper Paperback : 296 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ] Release Date : August 2010 ISBN : 1849680205 ISBN 13 : 978-1-849680-20-2

I've just finished reading Karen Hooper's excellent IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 User Guide and it's awesome. In fact, this book is so good that I'd already gone online partway through the third chapter and ordered a print copy for my workplace library.
Of course, it helps that PACKT Publishing is having an IBM Month this November. There's a bunch of special offers but the ones to really take note of are; 20% off all Packt IBM print books25% off if you purchase 3 or more books30% off all Packt IBM ebooks
Back to the Review... So, who is the audience for the book? Well, it's the layperson, the employees who are new to Notes or who need to brush up on their skills. That's not to say that there isn't good material and tips for the techies out there - but that the best value gains will come from the non-IT staff.

Coming Soon - A Review of "IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 User Guide" by Karen Hooper

I've just downloaded the IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 User Guide by Karen Hooper from PACKT Publishing and will be reviewing it shortly - it's going to take me a little while to make it through the 296 page tome.
My first impressions though are good, very good. This isn't a book for developers wanting to learn XPages. It's a book for the users in your organisation, something that has been lacking in the notes world lately.
You can obtain copies of the book at the PACT Publishing Website (
Stay tuned, I'll have the review here shortly.