Wednesday, February 05, 2014

How to do Bullets and Numbering in IBM Notes

I forgot the F8 shortcut key today and I looked it up via google. On the way I found a post about colouring text white to hide bullets in notes.  Crazy.  In any case, I wrote these instructions for my people and thought it was worth sharing on the blog;

How to Do Bullets and Numbering in IBM Notes

There are lots of cool things you can do with bullets in IBM Notes.

To turn them on and off, click the bullets or numbering icons on the toolbar

Getting Spacing in Bullets

  • If you're in the middle of a bulleted or numbered paragraph and you want a few lines to yourself.

    Press Shift+Enter
    This gives you a new line inside the bullet.
  • When you press ENTER again without holding down shift, then your bullets will start again.
BTW: That trick works in Notes and Word and blogger and nearly every other application I can think of.

Getting Indentation in Bullets
If you're wanting to do sub-bullets;

  • For example
    • Just below and indented from the main bullet
    • Like a sub-point.
      • Just press F8
      • If you want yet another level, press F8 again.
      • When you've finished,
      • Simply end the bullets or 
    • Press Shift+F8 to get back.

In word and blogger, the F8 is simply the tab and shift-tab keys.

Using Different kinds of Bullets

  • To change your style of bullet, press ALT+ENTER to bring up the properties box.
  • Click on the second tab (it has a paragraph icon on it).
  • The new bullet will take effect immediately. 
  • You don't need to close the box (in fact, it's quite useful when left open).
  • Choose a new bullet type from the list.
  • You can mix and match bullets as you please.

Re-ordering Bullets
  • To re-order items in a bulleted list,
  • Simply hold down the CTRL key and press the up arrow (to move things up)
  • and hold down the CTRL key and press the down arrow (to move things down)
  • That's it.