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How to Figure out When an Extranet User last logged into your Domino Server

So, you want to do a bit of spring cleaning in your domino address book and apart from people whose email addresses you use all the time, you want to get rid of people who haven't accessed the server in ages. How do you find out when their last access was?

I notice there's a lot of paid solutions on the web but it's functionality that is built into domino already.

Here's how to use this feature;

Start Domino AdministratorOpen the server that people log intoClick on the tab marked People and GroupsNear the bottom of the left hand navigator, you'll see Domino User Licence Tracking, expand this.Expand All UsersClick on All.You'll now see a list of your users and when they last accessed the system.Note that the list will only track back a certain distance (in our case 2 years). 

Book Review: Instant IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.3: How-to by Barry Max Rosen

Instant IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.3 How-to
Master IBM Lotus Notes with tips, hints, and instructions that will help you increase your productivity
by Barry Max Rosen
Published by PACKT Publishing

Instant IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.3 How-to is a short book by computer standards.  It's 68 pages and includes a lot of illustrations. This meant that I could literally read it during a one-way trip to work on the bus.

For the most part however its short length is good because it manages to introduce many concepts not found in books several times its size and deals with them quickly in a non talky way. It's straight down to business.

The book doesn't identify a single audience but rather targets simple, intermediate and advanced users.  This allows you to get a lot of long-term use out of the book but it also means that for "simple users", reading through the book cover-to-cover isn't really an option.  For example, the book jumps straight from a chapter on mail customization into…

Getting into IBM Notes 9

I installed the release version of IBM Notes 9 yesterday and I'm happy to  say that it works a bit smoother than the beta did.  In fact, it's generally quite a nice experience.  I've had no crashes so far (unlike my Notes 8 experience where I discovered three different ways to kill the client in less than 3 keystrokes on the first day).

The new blue icon is nice and the black panel on the mail looks slick too.  As usual, all of our applications work (notes compatibility is generally pretty good).  

We have had a few niggles around Notes interpretation of CDate but those started with 8.5.3 Fix Pack 3, so they don't count.

Single sign-on is working well too and the embedded sametime experience is somehow better. I can't say much about the social experience though. So far the only hint of "Social" that I've seen is the word on the logo.

Taking Away Features
My biggest gripe at this point is the removal of Symphony.  Hey IBM.  I was using that!!!

I know tha…