Friday, April 26, 2013

How to Figure out When an Extranet User last logged into your Domino Server

So, you want to do a bit of spring cleaning in your domino address book and apart from people whose email addresses you use all the time, you want to get rid of people who haven't accessed the server in ages. How do you find out when their last access was?

I notice there's a lot of paid solutions on the web but it's functionality that is built into domino already.

Here's how to use this feature;

  1. Start Domino Administrator
  2. Open the server that people log into
  3. Click on the tab marked People and Groups
  4. Near the bottom of the left hand navigator, you'll see Domino User Licence Tracking, expand this.
  5. Expand All Users
  6. Click on All.
  7. You'll now see a list of your users and when they last accessed the system.
  8. Note that the list will only track back a certain distance (in our case 2 years). 

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Dan Cogliano said...

You will need license tracking enabled in Domino to do this. See the Administrator help file for info on enabling license tracking.