Monday, December 12, 2005

Scheduling Cleanup Jobs for your Server

One of the things we learnt on the bootcamp was how to set up cleanup jobs on the Domino server. Yes... I know I should have known how to do this before, but for some reason I didn't - possibly not having done a full blown admin course since R4 has something to do with it.

Cleanup Jobs Explained

  • UPDALL :Updates the Full Text Indexes on your databases.
    This should run nightly.

  • UPDALL -R : Same as Updall, but rebuilds the indexes.
    This job should be run weekly or less.

  • COMPACT -B :This version of Compact (note the B is case sensitive) will actually recover space on your domino server. Leave the B off, and you don't recover any space.
    This should be run weekly or less freqently.

  • FIXUP : This repairs damaged databases.
    This should be run weekly.

How to make these Jobs Start Automatically at Specific Times

Since you want these jobs to run without interfering with eachother, and preferably away from the backup job, you should adjust your times accordingly.

  1. Open your Server's Address Book.
  2. In the left-hand panel Expand Configuration, then Servers.
  3. Click on Programs.
  4. Click the Action Button marked Add Program.
  5. Type the program name as UPDALL
  6. In the Command Line, type -R.
  7. Pick the Server in the Server to run on box.
  8. Set Enabled/Disabled to read Enabled.
  9. Choose the Run time and Repeat interval and the days of the week.
  10. Click the Action Button marked Save and Close.

Repeat these steps for the other programs and make sure that you space their times out.

You may have to do a restart to get the schedule to begin.


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