Saturday, January 14, 2006

Lotus Domino 6.5.4 upgrade to Version 7.0

This morning I decided to upgrade our Notes server, well actually I decided last night but wanted to wait until the backup was complete. I'd decided to record the procedure here. I would have recorded it internally anyway but I figure this might be of use to someone. Lets hope it works, because I'm writing this "live" as it happens.

The backup ran last night, and I've checked it on the server.Yep, it looks like all of the notes/domino stuff is there.This is a Friday tape (Friday B) which means that it wont be overwritten for another 4 weeks. it should be ample time to test the new system for problems.

If there is any doubt at the 4 week mark, I can always replace the Friday B tape with a new one.

Hard Drive Space
These are the figures from Drive D: Before the Upgrade.

Used Space = 29.4 GB
Free Space = 165 GB
Total Capacity = 195 GB

1. Make sure that you put the Domino 7 CD into the drive the night before (when you were at work) - and do it before Friday drinks so that you don't put it in upside down or anything.

2. In the morning, use VPN to connect to our systems, then Remote Desktop to connect to the Notes/Domino server.

3. Check the Backup Status and ensure that it ran successfully (and is finished)

4. Check the hard drive status and note the sizes.

5. Go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services and Stop the Lotus Domino Service.

6. Go to the CD Drive and Choose to install Lotus Domino Server (not express server). It is now 7.47 am.

7. At the Welcome Screen, click Next, then accept the licence and click next again.

8. Leave the Program Files Directory Name as D:\Lotus\Domino and the [_] Install Domino Partitioned Servers checkbox unchecked. Click Next.

9. Leave the Data Directory Name as D:\Lotus\Domino\Data and click next (btw: You should check both of these directories, by looking in windows explorer, just in case you have domino installed elsewhere and an older installation is being detected.

10. Leave the server type checkbox as Enterprise Server and click next.

11. Wait for the summary screen to appear (for some reason, on a test server, this took a few
seconds). Read the summary carefully and note the disk space figure: 856.7 MB. Click Next.

12. There is now a very worrying period where it draws a bar graph and says that it is uninstalling the old server. Fortunately this lasts for less than a minute. Then it starts installing the new server.

13. The installation completes at 7.55am and the computer wants to restart. Strangely enough my test environment did not as k for a restart.

14. I now have all of these nice new desktop icons, so after re-establishing a remote desktop connection with the server, I click one. (the Lotus Domino Server).

15. I'm prompted to Start it as a Windows Service (which I do) and also [X] Always start Domino as a service at System Startup. I choose these options and click Ok.

This was a bad thing to do. If anyone else is doing upgrades, don't choose this option because the service will start and ask some questions, but because it starts as a service, you won't see it load over a remote desktop connection.

16. I've tried to end the service, but because it hasn't finished starting, I couldn't. I've ended up having to do a server restart. Hopefully this won't screw anything up.

17. Ok, back to remote login, and I'm worried that I'll have problems since I chose to start the service automatically when the server starts. I may have to go into services and turn it off.

18. The server is obviously available because I can ping it but I can't remotely access it and all because of a stupid menu option. At this point 8.18am, I've decided to take the kids on a trip into work.

About 1 hour later...
I arrived at work, with the kids in tow... and sure enough, the notes server console was sitting on "Do you want to upgrade the Templates Y/N". I had been about to say No, but since I was IN at work now, I decided to say YES, because I had the previous night's successful backup tape in my hand.

The whole thing finished about 10 minutes later without any other keystrokes required, thus rendering my trip into work really really annoying.

Still... ...this was useful because it gave me a chance to run a lot of extended tests on our applications, all of which ran well. It also meant that the kids got a day out in town.

Hard Drive Space
These are the figures from Drive D: After the Upgrade.

Used Space = 29.7 GB
Free Space = 165 GB
Total Capacity = 195 GB

So the upgrade cost us a total of .3 GB (about 300 MB).

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Anonymous said...

Shouldn't connecting to the RDP console would fix that issue with dialogs not being shown.

I always do any installation or troublesome task on the server connected to the console.