Friday, February 24, 2006

Blogs and RSS and Notes

Why is this Domino Blog not hosted by Domino?
Good question. The main reason is that I don't own our domino server, My employer does.
I know that Domino is a very capable blog hosting system and there's plenty of blogs out there that use it... but, while I'm reasonably sure that my employer wouldn't be too concerned about hosting a small blog I'm not willing to take the risk. is free, flexible and works rather well, so I'm happy enough here.

What is this RSS stuff and what is it good for?
Put simply, RSS is a way of downloading the headings and a small extract of text on blog sites. If you have an RSS Reader, then you can easily look through the recent postings without them cluttering up your mailbox.

Where can I get an RSS Feed Reader?
You can get these apps all over the net, but in my case I wanted a Lotus Notes based one.

I looked a few Lotus Notes RSS Feed Readers and finally settled on one called News Miner from Digital Insites.

This product is free and works rather well.

The only drawback with this product is that it currently can't read ATOM XML RSS Feeds, like the ones produced by blogger. I've emailed the author, Michael Wagner, and have been told that he's working on it.

I'm happy with the rest of the product, so I'm happy to wait at this stage.

RSS Feed from this Blog
Until today, I didn't know that this blog was producing a feed. I've now adjusted it to use extracts rather than the whole text and will produce some links.

The first of these links is here.

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martin.humpolec said...

Gavin, don't you have some working address to download this software? Thank you