Thursday, October 19, 2006

Notes and Domino 7.0.2

I downloaded Notes and Domino 7.0.2 yesterday and had a play with the client. For the most part I can't notice any differences. This is great because it means that user acceptance will be perfect.

As expected, the client works with all of our applications - no modifications necessary.

Nomad - Notes on a USB Stick
I tried to get Notes installed on a USB Stick, but my first attempt using the Designer + Administrator client, wasn't a success. I then downloaded the normal client and tried following Paul Rigby's excellent instructions ( It worked like a charm.

This feature is absolutely fantastic. In particular, it would make a great DRP option for anyone who, like me, carries all of their DRP materials in a single Notes DB.

The Domino Server Upgrade
This morning I upgraded our domino server. It wasn't planned but I needed to process some of the Windows updates and reboot, so I figured that if I had any spare time, I'd upgrade Domino.

Did I do much testing before upgrading - erm... no. But.. I know how much testing IBM does, I've seen the Notes/Domino community reactions and I have not had a Notes/Domino upgrade issue since version 4.5 -> 5 (about eight years ago).

I have a lot of faith in my backups (and Domino is very easy to backup and restore). I've also got a lot of faith in the IBM Domino team.

The upgrade itself took less than 10 minutes and was faster to implement than the standard Windows updates. How many people could do a 10 minute update on their Mail + Web + ExtraNet + Internal Databases server on a platform other than Domino?

* * * Fantastic work IBM! * * *

In the coming weeks, I'll be happily testing the other new features, including calendar import, RSS Feeds and the Blog Template, though I'm not going to move my blog from blogger (I'm too attached to the name).


Ben said...

No testing...shudder.

KB said...

There are always exceptions, but in general some testing should be done beforehand. In our case there is no practical way to test the Exchange conversion issues so i had to bite the bullet and try it. So far it is more stable than FP1.

mafoe said...

Yes I agree! You are right!

End User said...

"For the most part I can't notice any differences. This is great because it means that user acceptance will be perfect."

Because your end users are so numb to the fact that the GUI is horrible and complaining at this point goes into deaf ears?

I'm forced to use this abortioned software at work and have upgraded from 6.5.1 all the way through 7.0.2....and never once has the GUI changed.