Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Business/Application Ownership

We're having a lot of trouble at work at the moment over business ownership and change management.

Here's how the cycle works...

1. Something goes wrong
2. Blame IT
3. Say that IT Needs proper "change management" and authorisation
4. Make IT Write a Business Process for Change Management
5. IT Writes about Business Ownership and Signoff
6. IT Presents it to Management (Personally)
7. Management agree that this is good, but a lot of work
8. IT Takes it to a committee who decide that it's too much work
9. Committee says "we don't want to be bothered with this kind of work"
10. IT is required to rewrite the procedures so that minimal authorisation is required

(Everything chuggs along again happily until something else goes wrong - then the cycle restarts).

Sorry if this all sounds very negative. I'll have some more constructive thoughts on change management once I get a little more time to report it.

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