Monday, June 25, 2007

The Move - Complete

My blogging has slowed down considerably lately due to an office move which used up most of my time. There were two aspects of the move;

1. The move itself
Whereby all equipment had to be disconnected and packed up then unpacked/reconnected at the new site. There was a lot of planning and testing involved with this.

2. A Temporary Domino Server Switch
In some ways, this was more work than the move. Management decided that they wanted our systems to remain running throughout the move. We used the server setup for the "temporarily abandoned" clustering project to set up a new offsite domino server. We did a lot of testing of applications and needed to make a few changes to some of our applications.

I'm happy to say that the off site server worked well and kept our systems running throughout the move. I'll provide more detail on changes made and difficulties encountered in later posts.

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