Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cut-Down PS3 doesn't support PS3

Normally, I wouldn't be using this blog as a platform for a quick rant about a gaming platform - I tend to keep it computers as much as possible but there's a post on DVD Bits that's really got my gander up.

It talks about the cut-down Playstation 3 being released in Australia for $700. As the article says...

"This shaves $300 off the current RRP, but also removes backwards compatibility with Playstation 2 titles; takes out the multi-card reader (for your Memory Sticks, SD cards or Compact Flash) as well as 20GB of HDD space. On the plus side, it is still a Blu-ray player, and may be one of the cheaper and more reliable options."

Now I'm a big fan of backward compatibility. One of the reasons why I felt that Microsoft's XBox deserved to fail was because they don't provide adequate compatibility with their own product.

The article goes on to say that

"Sony has confirmed that the 60GB model will only stay on shelves as long as stock lasts."

If this means that Sony is dropping PS2 compatibility altogether then I'm afraid that I'll be giving the PS3 a miss. Our kids aren't playing the PS2 enough for it to be worthwhile upgrading but you can be sure that when they are ready, I'll be checking carefully for backward compatibility.

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