Thursday, November 22, 2007

The best developer community in the World.

As rightly pointed out by Bruce Elgort in a comment on my last post, IdeaJam is actually an IBM/Lotus developer community initiative. I did know that, but somehow I accidentally wound up giving credit to IBM/Lotus anyway. (sorry).

The IBM/Lotus systems are blessed with IMHO, the best developer community in the world. Sure, a lot of praise is due IBM/Lotus for their commitment to the community and to their evangelists, Ed Brill, Alan Lepofsky, Mary Beth Raven, Adam Gartenberg and Bob Balaban among others.

But the real credit has got to go to the generally unsung heroes of the Lotus Community...

The people behind initiatives like IdeaJam, OpenNTF and regular submitters to the IBM Lotus Sandbox. I could rattle off a huge list of names and linked blogs, but then I'd be competing with the likes of Facebook and Orkut.

If the measure of an application's success is at least partially determined by the quality of the people it attracts, then there can be no doubt in my mind that Notes/Domino is up there with the best of the best.

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