Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mobile Phone Friendly Blogs

I've just added a link to view this blog on a mobile phone. It's in the top section.

This feature will work on all blogger blogs, and probably on other brand blogs too. For full instructions on how to do this on your blog, see this article.

I wanted to be sure it would work on Notes/Domino blogs as well, so I used Ed Brill's to test (I hope you don't mind Ed). The RSS Feed for Ed's site is

So, the URL for Mobile viewing via Google Reader would be


Yancy said...

Awesome resource! I'll integrate this into ASAP.

Yancy said...

Oops, didn't read it as carefully as i should have. I thought it was a solution. I'll read more to see if it has a variant of that functionality as well.

Ed said...

No worries here..

Anonymous said...

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