Thursday, July 10, 2008

How to use your Blackberry on Aircraft without causing Disasters

I'm sure that seasoned air travellers know all about this but I haven't flown much since I got my blackberry and I only got clued into this with a little slip from one of the flight attendants during the usual "how life-jackets can save your life at 30,000 feet" speech.

Note: these instructions are for the Blackberry Pearl. They may be different on other Blackberries.

It's simple;

BEFORE you get on the plane;
  1. Scroll to the aerial icon marked manage connections and click on it.

  2. Choose the option marked Turn all Connections Off

  3. Press the ESC/Back key to go back to the main screen.

  4. Power off your blackberry until the plane has taken off and is in level flight.

In Level Flight
When the Air-Hostesses or the Captain tell you that you can turn electronic devices on, turn the blackberry back on. It should not establish any connections.

Now you can use your Blackberry as a game machine, MP3 Player, Movie watcher and note taker (Memo Pad) during your flight. In fact, you can even read old mail and compose and send new ones.

After landing
  1. Turn your Blackberry back on (you did have it turned off for the actual landing didn't you?)

  2. Go back to the Manage Connections screen

  3. Choose Restore All Connections. Don't worry that checkboxes on this screen are unticked, just choose to restore all connections and they'll sort themselves out.

    Any "sent" messages (which got stored in an outbound queue) will now actually be sent.

Happy flying.

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