Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ending the Blackberry OS 4.5 Saga

Well, it's been quite a few days now and I've tried all kinds of different tricks to overcome the Blackberry OS 4.5 rebooting problem on the 8800. I've tried different media cards, different types of handheld erasures, different types of card formatting.

Nothing... I can get the device to stop rebooting with the card in but as soon as I try to put any data on the card, *REBOOT*

This morning, I found the only solution that works for me. It's called Blackberry OS 4.2.1101

That's right, I downgraded and my problems disappeared immediately.

Henceforth, I' m referring to OS 4.5 as Blackberry "Vista" (or Blackberry ME).


Tim Lorge said...

Sorry to hear that man. Perhaps a stable version will be out soon... at least we can hope!

Glen Urban said...

I have a 8800 with OS and have had no problems. Have you been using an earlier "beta" release?

Gavin Bollard said...

Now that's strange. I haven't been using a beta release and I can't remember the last digits but I know they weren't .37 - I think they may have been slightly larger numbers.

In any case, my release is the one pointed to by Telstra Australia - my Blackberry service provider.

notesboy said...

Am using a and it seems very stable. I have used all the 4.5.x and they were ok except for one of the very early one. maybe you need to try a later release