Monday, August 18, 2008

The Ongoing Blackberry OS 4.5 Reboot Saga

In every organisation, there is always one idiot who has to download and install the latest set of patches.

Usually this person is the biggest waster of IT time in the business and they're responsible for countless hours of lost productivity while the IT department tries to fix their non-critical "business" gadget.

Usually, I can just shake my head in disbelief but this time I can't. This time, the problem is me.

It's easy to justify an upgrade and the associated testing as part of my job - usually but as I contemplate wiping my blackberry for about the twentieth time in three weeks, I'm wondering if I'll ever feel comfortable with it again.

I solved that pesky reboot problem with a reformat of the MicroSD card and all was well.

Unfortuately, one of our staff members asked for a card of their own. I gallantly gave up my trusty 2Gb card - then went out and got myself an 8Gb one.

I wasn't sure it would work in the 8800 but I tried anyway. It reported the right numbers so it must have been ok.

Just before going home, I decided to copy a book (mp3 audio) to the card. I got partway then *reboot*.

It all started happening again.

I reformatted the card and the device settled. Copied some more data and ... *reboot*

It's still early days but so far it seems that OS 4.5 might be the Vista of Blackberry. Proceed with extreme caution.

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