Monday, September 29, 2008

Microsoft Unified Communications Assessment

Microsoft, of all people, have released a "Unified Communications" survey tool. If anything, I'd have thought that their suite is dis-unified, since every component likes to run on it's own separate server. Perhaps that's why they're pushing virtualisation now?

In any case, I decided to have a go of their survey - answering questions based on our usage of Lotus products. Note that we don't use SameTime at all yet, so I wasn't expecting a great response.

I rated at the top end of "Basic".

If there's anyone out there who is using the entire Lotus product range, I'd be really interested to see how it rates. The assessment takes about 1 minute - if you're a fast reader.

Microsoft Unified Communications Assessment

The assessment also comes with a download package containing case studies, whitepapers and other "goodies".

IBM, this is one area where you're obviously a lot stronger than Microsoft. How about a competing package and assessment?

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