About Me

About Gavin Bollard
I live in Sydney, Australia with my wife and two kids.  I'm active in a whole bunch of circles including Aspergers, Computing and Scouting groups.  My favourite non-computing pastimes involve watching films and being with family.

A bit of Computing History
I first got involved with BBC Micro computers in the eighties (as a student) but instead of doing my school work on them, I started writing my own programs. I became quite proficient during the latter stages of the DOS years and I got on board Windows when Windows /286 was released.  I've been on Windows ever since (though I'd love to escape).

I was heavily involved with Visual BASIC from version 1.0 through to 6.0 (until Microsoft destroyed it) and I discovered Lotus Notes at version 3.0 and have stuck with it since then. Today, I'm an IT Manager but I still prefer the 'hands on' approach.

I'm a big fan of cloud computing and social networking and have a particular liking for the Google and Facebook approaches.  I'm confident that IBM will get their act together and deliver a powerful cloud computing environment too.

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