About Gavin Bollard

I live in Sydney, Australia with my wife and two kids.

I currently work in the payments sector but before that I was in mining and manufacturing. Prior to that I was in local government.

I've always been very keen on technology and I'm a bit of a "jack of all trades".

I'm active in a whole bunch of circles including a lot of Aspergers and Computing groups.  My favourite non-computing pastimes involve watching films, walking and being with my family.

My Specialities

My specialities are probably; IT Project Management, IT Strategy, Network Infrastructure, Microsoft Office365 Cloud, IBM Notes/Domino Administration and Development, DR/BCP and Risk Management, IT Compliance, Google Systems, General Cloud Technologies, Computer Systems Security, PC SOE Development and Deployment, Mobile Technologies, Microsoft Windows Desktop and Server, Web Technologies, Documentation, Blogging, Marketing, Website and Extranet Development & Management, User Training, Technical Writing, Asperger's Syndrome

A bit of Computing History

I first got involved with BBC Micro computers in the eighties (as a student) but instead of doing my school work on them, I started writing my own programs. I became quite proficient during the latter stages of the DOS years and I got on board Windows when Windows /286 was released.  I've been on Windows ever since though I dabble quite a bit in other OSes as well.

I was heavily involved with Visual BASIC from version 1.0 through to 6.0 (until Microsoft destroyed it) and I discovered Lotus Notes at version 3.0 and have stuck with it since then. Today, I'm an IT Manager and I deal with a a lot of projects and compliance but I still prefer the 'hands on' approach and I love playing with new software.