Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Copyright and Other Disclaimers (Important)

I'm not a "legal" person, and I know that most people don't bother reading legal things, so I'm writing this in plain English. Ideally that shouldn't affect the legal potency of this work...

Ownership of Material
Technically I am the owner of all material posted on this blog, however I grant everyone the right to use it in any way they want to (except to bring legal action, abuse or other horrible stuff down onto me). It would be nice if you were to acknowledge the source, but I know that in the connected world, this isn't always possible, so I won't hold you to it.

You can copy it, send it around, change words (on your copy, not on mine) etc...

Insulting Statements etc.
I will be trying hard not to insult people or companies or make libellous statements, but sometimes you do these things without thinking. If I offend anyone, please let me know (I think there's some sort of email link on this blog somewhere), and I will remove the offending entry post-haste. Don't sue me or take any form of legal action (I hate that sort of thing), just let me know, I'll apologise and remove the offending entry and all will be sweet (I hope).

I'm something of a programmer, though not really what you'd call a terribly good one. There will be source code posted here, as well as other statements. You can use it to your heart's content (see the first paragraph - duh..) but... assume that I'm an idiot...

Don't place any faith in any statement, or any code that I post. Be man (or woman) enough to check it out for yourself. I'm disclaiming responsibility as far as I possibly can, for anything posted here. Use at your own risk

Of course, if you do find something wrong... let me know the right answer and I'll fix it.


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