Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Welcome (Introduction to the Blog)

Hi, and welcome to my Computing and Lotus Domino blog... I was originally going to mix computing family and movies all into my other blog, but then I thought about the audience... If you want to read about one topic, you don't want other topics interfering.

The main things that will be on this blog will be;
  • General Articles on Computing
    Future Directions, Home PC Security etc. I don't expect anything here to be life-changing, but I'll try to pitch this at a consistent level.
  • Real-life Computing problems and Answers
    I'm an IT Manager and have a lot to do with LANs, Security etc). I'll talk about my problems with Systems Implementation, Management issues etc.
  • Lotus Domino /Lotus Notes (and maybe Workplace)
    I have a long association with this product, and there already a lot of sites out there that are either too light, or too technical, I'm going to try to walk a middle road.

I will try to keep these things separate and will usually attempt to describe the topic neatly in the heading.

Enjoy reading.


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