Tuesday, May 30, 2006

More on Google's Services

I'm in danger of spending too much time praising google and no enough time on Notes/Domino, but here goes anyway.

The Latest Google Toolbar
I'm currently testing the latest google toolbar. There's a lot of new features in this one which are really quite useful.

Bookmark Wonders
This has to be my favourite part of the new toolbar. In fact, I think that this could well be my favourite computing enhancement in a long time - but.. since I've blogged about it before, I'll just shut up about it now.

The Buttons
Sure, the toolbar has had buttons on it for a long time - what's a toolbar without buttons anyway? These buttons are different.

1. Anyone can create them.
2. They can be hosted elsewhere and updated with a couple of clicks.
3. Google is building a library of them (they're not creating them, but they are testing them).
4. The buttons aren't simple one-click items, they work off the search field and can include RSS Feeds.

I'll post a lot more about the buttons in another post (I'm waiting on google to do an update).

The Google Home Page
This one is pretty cool too. I clicked on the customize link on the home page and found myself being presented with a bunch of options to add bits to the screen. I did so, and my screen now looks as follows;

Note that I've now got the Notes/Domino 7 forum open displaying the most recent postings. I've got my gmail account open displaying recent mail and I've got a bunch of my favourite bookmarks at my fingertips.

You can drag these things around and change their settings. You can also add more.

This really looks a lot like workplace and it certainly helps to get things done more quickly. If you haven't customized your google page, you should look into it.

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