A bit on Blogger and Slideshows

I know I was going to continue on Domino's BlogSphere but I just had to mention this...

Google Blogger just keeps on getting better and better.

Today, my RSS feeds gave me a post on Blogger's New Slideshow tool entitled Show off your photos with the new Slideshow.

This is very impressive.

It allows you to add a layout element that will display your photos from a given folder in Picasa Web Albums.

The integration between Google's applications is spectacular. What's more, it's not limited to Google - It works with Flickr and Photobucket too as well as other sites supporting Media RSS.

Add this to features like the ability to publish RSS entries of interest directly from your feeds in Google Reader and (sorry IBM/Lotus BlogSphere) Google Blogger is, at least for the moment IMHO, the untouchable king of Blog tools.

IBM - If you're reading, this sort of integration is the main reason why you should be putting more effort into integrating your systems (and other people's systems) with the otherwise excellent BlogSphere template.


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