Monday, June 16, 2008

Windows XP Service Pack 3 Breaks (Changes) the Domino Console Access via Remote Desktop

I used to be able to access the Domino server console by using Remote Desktop on the server but recently, the Console started to disappear. At first, I figured that it was something I'd done wrong, until I saw a post on the Notes 8 forum.

It's a Windows XP Service Pack 3 issue;

So, here's the fix;

The command line parameter has changed and if your remote desktop icon for your domino server used to be as follows;

mstsc -v: -console

you need to change it to:

mstsc -v: -admin

...following installation of XP service pack 3.

Where is the IP address of your server.


Anonymous said...

What he means is ....

OLD: mstsc -v:'server' -console

NEW: mstsc -v:'server' -admin

(replace apostrophe with angle brackets)

No more caffeine for you today Gavin

Anonymous said...

or just use "mstsc /admin" from the command line