Friday, August 15, 2008

Blackberry Handset 0S 4.5: Media Card Killer (Constant Reboot Problem and Solution)

Blackberry OS 4.5 is out now and I've already had to upgrade one device to it because of the profile issue I mentioned in my last post.

Now since I did the upgrade on my own PC and I later reconnected my Blackberry, I was prompted to do the upgrade on my device too.

I did as requested.

Well, I might as well have ended my day there and then because a significant portion of my time from then on went towards various efforts to stabilize the device.

You see, my trusty 8800 had started an endless cycle of reboots. Coming up long enough to prompt for a pin, then rebooting again.

I tried a whole host of things, reapplying the OS, uninstalling and reinstalling my desktop software and associated Blackberry OS patch.

Nothing worked.

My call to Telstra provided no joy either.

Then I found this on Crackberry.Com. I should have looked there first.

Basically, it says that Blackberry OS 4.5 is incompatible with media cards from earlier Blackberry OSes.

It's not a new problem either because the posts indicate that the problem occurred with earlier versions of the Blackberry software.

Doesn't RIM actually test any of this stuff?

The Solution.

  1. First, Remove your SD media card and your blackberry will play nice.

  2. Now, put your media card back in without removing the battery and you should be able to reformat it. It will take a short while before the blackberry will want to reboot again - so do the next steps quickly.

  3. Go to Options (spanner icon)

  4. Choose Media Card.

  5. Press the Blackberry Button.

  6. Choose Reformat card.

  7. The interface doesn't tell you that anything is going on (which is a really nice touch from RIM - thanks guys) - but in any case, it is formatting the card.

  8. Eventually, it will tell you that the card has been formatted (about 1 minute per GB).

  9. Your Blackberry will function normally from now on though you'll have to re-copy all of the data from your local drive back to the media card (you did back it up didn't you).
Thanks a lot RIM - I didn't need the last few hours anyway. - grrr.

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Scoot said...

Thanks for posting Gavin, we're about to test the upgrade ourselves soon at least we can now go partly prepared.