Thursday, October 30, 2008

How to Install the Google Mobile Apps on your Blackberry Bold 9000

Installing the Installer
  1. Go to the Browser and enter;

  2. Scroll down the page until you find a link marked
    Download Google Mobile App
    Click on the link to Download and install it.

  3. At the end of the install, you can run it automatically.
    If you don't choose to run it immediately, you can find it later by pressing the blackberry button then scrolling to (and clicking on) the downloads button. The app is marked with a red G

Installing and Accessing Components
  1. The google app is quite bare looking with greyed out icons for Gmail, maps and news.

  2. Go to each greyed out icon and click on it.
    It will install automatically (unless it's a web application, in which case it will just open).

  3. After install, you'll be asked if you want to grant these applications trusted status.
    If you don't, they won't work so I guess you need to.

  4. In terms of application permissions, allowing http to is probably sufficient in most cases. Not general http.

  5. The applications also come with their own terms and conditions that you need to read and accept.

A few things of Note
  • One really interesting thing about Google Maps is that it now supports street view on the mobile. You might want to check that you're using the right plan before you start using this though.

  • Be sure to click the "more" button. It will give you access to your google calendar, goodgle docs, sync and other google tools..

  • Be careful with Google Synch. It works a treat but if you've got birthday reminders in your Notes calendar, they will convert to ALL DAY events in your Google Calendar - and then when they resynch with Notes will "block you out" for the day on your corporate calendar. Google might have fixed that problem by now - I'm not sure.

Moving things out of Downloads
You might want to move your icons out of the Downloads area.
To do this;

  1. Go into the downloads folder

  2. Push the blackberry button to get the menu to display.

  3. Choose move to folder.

  4. Choose Home.
You can then move the icons around on your main blackberry icon screen. If you use Gmail and Maps a lot, it's worth doing this for them.

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