Thursday, October 30, 2008

How to Remove and Insert the Media Card on the Blackberry Bold 9000

Today, I got a new Blackberry Bold 9000, so there's probably going to be a flurry of Blackberry related posts as I try to install stuff on it.

The Blackberry Bold seems to ship with a 1GB media card, which really isn't enough for serious use. This procedure allows you to replace the card would one that is of a decent size.

Getting the Old Card out and the New One In
  1. On the left-hand side of the blackberry about in line with the Q key, there is a small door with a picture of a card on it. This door opens from the bottom (camera side) of the blackberry upwards.

  2. Once opened, you should be able to see the card in the slot.
    Do not attempt to use tweezers to pull the card out as this will damage the blackberry.

  3. Instead use a finger or pen push the card in further. The slot is spring-loaded and the card should pop out part way. From here you should be able to grab it, but if not, it's safe to use tweezers at this point.
    If you find yourself having difficulty at this stage, try removing the back cover of the Blackberry.

  4. Obtain a new (bigger) MicroSD card from a computer shop and insert it into the slot.
    The writing side should face the back of the Blackberry.
    You may need to use a pen to push the card all of the way in.

Formatting the Card
It's possible that you won't need to format your media card but if, like me, you're transferring a card from another blackberry, (or another user) you might.

In my case, I've been using an 8GB card formatted to 4GB so that it would work on my blackberry 8800. Reformatting the card will enable me to use the extended features.

  1. Go to the Blackberry menu (blackberry button) and click into Options (the spanner icon).

  2. Choose Memory

  3. Press the Blackberry button to get the pop-up menu and choose Format.

  4. You'll be prompted to choose Media Card or Device Memory - make sure that you choose Media Card.

  5. You'll get a warning message - choose Yes.

  6. The format operation should take less than a minute. It did for my 8GB card but it may take a little longer for larger cards. When finished, you'll get an Ok message and your card total space should show up on the screen.
Don't be disappointed if it shows slightly less than expected - that's normal.
My 8GB card showed 7.6GB.


Bob said...

Thanks Gavin, appreciate the help. I've been walking around with my micro sd card half in but didn't know about the spring load and couldn't figure out why it didn't work. Pushed all the way in and now it works...just as easy as that.



Anonymous said...

Gavin, the Media card they sent me does not fit my Blackberry Bold 9000. Do you have a step by step process? Maybe I am just inserting it wrong.

Gavin Bollard said...

If the card had Micro SD written on it, then it's the right size. If not, don't use it.

There's a picture of a card being inserted here;