Thursday, November 20, 2008

How to Erase a Blackberry Bold 9000

Why would you need to do this?
Sometimes accidents happen. Sometimes you accidentally restore a bit too much of your CEO's old Blackberry 8800 over the top of his new one (and then you re-activate it on the network). Sometimes your CEO mentions to you that he now has four calendar entries... Yep. It happened to me.

Erasing the device without deleting the extra applications allows you to redo the restore and activation tasks properly.

The Procedure
  1. Press the Blackberry Button
  2. Choose Options (Spanner Icon)
  3. Choose Security Options
  4. Choose General Settings
  5. Press the Blackberry Button
  6. Choose Wipe Handheld from the Popup Menu
  7. Click Ok At the Message: Warning all application data will be lost! Message service and other services will be turned off.
  8. Make sure that [_] Include third party applications is deselected
  9. Click the Continue button
  10. type the word blackberry when prompted and press the Enter key.
  11. Wait for about 90 seconds while the blackberry whitescreens and reboots
Getting Started Again (Setting up for Reactivation)
  1. Enter Pin
  2. Choose Ok at the Disclaimer message
  3. The Setup wizard will start
  4. Go to your Blackberry Server. (Remote Desktop?)
  5. Start Blackberry Manager
  6. Click on the Users tab
  7. Locate your person name in the list.
  8. Right mouse button on the name and choose Delete user from the popup menu
  9. At the prompt "Are you sure you want to delete the selected user?" choose Yes
  10. At the prompt "would you also like to remove the profile document and the state database for the selected user(s)?" choose yes
  11. Wait a short while for the licensing to sort itself out - unless you've got lots of spares.
  12. Create the new user (Right Mouse on some blank space and choose Add User)
  13. Pick their name from the list and choose to add them.
  14. Right mouse on the user name and choose Set Activation Password
  15. Type something simple (eg: a) twice and click Ok
  16. You're now ready for normal activation via the handheld.

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