Sunday, November 09, 2008

How to Get those Cool (free) Games like Ka-Glom, Lingo and CirclePopper on your Blackberry Bold 9000

The Problem
The Blackberry bold is going well for me but the one thing that I missed from my 8800 was the game Ka-Glom. It was seriously addictive.

In any case, I figured that I could just go to and get them again.. right? wrong...

It seems that the site doesn't properly recognize the Blackberry Bold and as a result, it doesn't offer any games for it.

The Solution
The solution was easier than I expected, you just need to know the full path to the JAD files and enter it into your blackberry browser.

Be warned though, these games can be addictive and if you install all of them, you'll probably run out of space on your blackberry device.

Coping with Change
Also, Blackberry change the links sometimes when they reorganize their site. If the links don't work, find some free games there which DO have working links and then try their URLs with the .JAD file names listed below. You can also do a google search for specific files (eg: KaGlom.jad).

Anyway, without further ado, here are the links.

This is definitely my favourite blackberry game. It's very addictive and doesn't take a lot of concentration.

It's ideal for playing while you're listening to eBooks on the device.

Circle Popper
I wasn't particularly interested in this game when I first got it but it gets better and better.

Unfortunately, you can't listen to eBooks while playing this one. It requires a little thinking.

The same trick seems to work for a few other good free blackberry games but I'm going to omit the pictures so that I don't have to add comments (for space reasons) next to each.

This particular game has some minor graphics issues due to resolution changes. It works but I haven't yet figured out how to make the rooster go sideways.

Medieval Kings 2
This is a Chess Game.

Spider Solitaire

Bass Assassin


tong said...

thanks a lot, i ran into the same problem and thanks to your advise,i can play these free games now,


tong said...

thanks a lot for the advsie, i had the same problem before,


tong said...

thank you

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