Monday, November 24, 2008

How to Install MySpace on your Blackberry Bold 9000

Obviously these instructions apply to other Blackberry Models too. I've listed all of the steps that I followed but you can probably skip ahead to the second URL (step 5);

Note that these instructions assume that you already have a MySpace account.

  1. Start the Blackberry browser and go to;

  2. Click Send to My Blackberry.

  3. Fill in your name and your Blackberry email address (it doesn't have to be the same email address you use for Myspace).

  4. After this, you can close the window (Don't bother with the link, just exit the browser).

  5. Your blackberry inbox will soon receive a new email. It contains the second URL I mentioned earlier.

  6. Click the button marked Download.

  7. Another download button will appear... Click this one too.

  8. A quick Bar Graph will draw and then you can click Ok and close the browser.

  9. Look in the Downloads folder for the App.
    For ease of use, you might want to press the blackberry button on it and choose send to folder, then Home. This will put it on the front screen of your blackberry.

  10. Click on the Icon, then scroll down to the bottom of the disclaimer and click the button marked I Accept.

  11. Enter your myspace email address and password.

  12. You might also want to tick the box marked "Remember Password" and then click Login.

  13. You're In - and you'll see your friends status' updating.

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