Friday, November 07, 2008

How to install Opera Mini Web browser on your blackberry bold 9000

The web browser in the Blackberry Bold is very much improved but I've still found a few places where it doesn't work as expected. When that happens, you want a different browser. You want... Opera Mini.

  1. Use the web browser to go to

  2. Click on the link marked Download Opera Mini.
    The Blackberry bold is currently downloading the OperaMini 8830 version but I've found it to be very compatible. (Had no problems so far).

  3. Choose Download.

  4. You might get a message about the applications signature but this isn't a problem, just a scary message. Click Ok.

  5. Click Ok when the application has been installed.


Julian Woodward said...

Thanks for the reminder Gavin. I had an Opera beta (buggy) on my old Pearl, but hadn't thought to install it on the Bold for comparison.

Jess Stratton said...

Great timing, I just did this two days ago. I LOVE it... goodbye Pocket Internet Explorer, hello Opera Mini!
For those running Windows Mobile 6.1 on a Treo, you need to first install Esmertec Jbed and THEN try and download Opera Mini.

João Fonseca said...

can i download this to my computer and then pass it to the blackberry? I dont have BB data plan and so im trying to connect to a wi fi but without data plan I havent been able of doing so with the regular bb browser.

How do I install it then?

Gavin Bollard said...

If you've got a newer blackberry (like the bold) which is capable of wi-fi, then you need to go somewhere, like McDonalds, which supplies a free wi-fi connection and go into your wi-fi settings to detect it. It won't automatically connect, you'll have to tell it to look for a network and confirm connection.

Once Wi-fi is definitely connected (and you'll know by the status on the device), the browser should work. If not, go into settings because I vaguely remember that there was a setting asking how the browser should connect - and you need to change it to wi-fi.

If you still prefer to download Opera manually, There's a manual download page here I didn't see the bold, so you need to pick the 8800. You'd need to use the Blackberry desktop manager to get it onto your device. Of course, it still won't work unless you've (a) Properly connected to a wi-fi network and (b) told the blackberry to browse using the wi-fi.

Wayne robin said...

i want to download opera to my blackberry bold 9000 and transfer it to another blackerry bold 9000 via bluetooth. Can it work like that because the other phone browser icon is missing and i already did the host routing thing to register it but still its not coming up. help me plz