Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Playing eBooks (in the Correct Order) on the Blackberry Bold 9000

The Blackberry Bold 9000 has gotten a bit more serious about how things are stored on it with the new software.

The Blackberry folder and its special sub-folders (documents, music, pictures, ringtones, videos, voicenotes) have always been there - well, there are a couple of new ones.

Unfortunately now the blackberry media player makes it difficult to play talking books. In particular, it now tends to play everything out of order and it mixes my songs folders up with the talking books folders.

Luckily I've found a solution.

I've now created two folders above my blackberry folder, one for eBooks and one for Talking Books. I can now point my applications MobiPocket eBook Reader and Mobiola xPlayer at those directories.

This means that I can play my talking books using xPlayer and I can play my songs using the Blackberry media player. Even better, I don't have to keep switching from one playlist to another.

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