Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Starting the Year with a Clean Notes Inbox

I was reading my daily blogs this morning when I saw an article on Matt Cutt's blog about starting the year with a clean Gmail Inbox and I thought.. Why not do that for Notes?

So... here's the procedure.

  1. Open Your Lotus Notes Mail to the Inbox.

  2. From the Menu, select Folder then Create Folder...

  3. When the Dialog box appears, type a name for your folder like "Old Inbox" or if you're really obsessive compulsive like me, 2008 Inbox. Then click Ok.

  4. Next, tag all of your old mail in Notes by dragging the mouse down the left hand side. If you've got a lot of mail, you can do this step in chunks or you can choose Select all (Ctrl+A) and simply deselect the new stuff (the 2009 mails).

  5. Finally, click on the action bar menu and choose the new folder you created and click Move.

  6. Your old mail will move to the new location (where you can easily access it - it's only one click away) and you'll be left with a nice clean inbox ready for the year ahead.

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