Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lotus Foundations in Australia

After a seemingly interminable wait from IBM, it looks like Foundations is finally released (and moving) within Australia. This article from Australian IT looks at the benefits and low cost of implementing the solution.

Flexible EPSI takes the Lotus Position

If I were starting out with a small business, there's no question as to what I'd be recommending because unlike the competing products, IBM Lotus Foundations will give tech-savvy businesses room to grow.

Their comments on the use of a hosting solution (which would be one of my other choices) are particularly interesting;

"We went to the shared environment, but we grew reasonably quickly and it just became more expensive as every licence was a lot more money and the bandwidth we were consuming was costing us money," EPSI co-founder Nigel Wilson says.

"We wanted more flexibility to do more things, and this hosting organisation was just not set up for that. "

BTW: Well done Graham.

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