Thursday, October 29, 2009

IBM Lotus Notes Designer 8.5.1 Installation Issues Update

I finally got to the bottom of the problems with the 8.5.1 installation and I believe that they're related to my use of the Google Chrome Web Browser.

The Hard Way
At work, after five unsuccessful uninstalls and reinstalls of Notes 8.5.1 (with some - always successful - reinstalls of 8.5 in between), I finally did two things.
  1. Switched my primary web browser back to Internet Explorer (don't worry, I didn't actually use it for the duration).

  2. Decided not to reinstall the single-signon service.
It worked!! I later switched back to Chrome and then reinstalled (did a repair) to add Single Signon. It still worked. I was in business.

The Easy Way
Once I was on 8.5.1 at work, I decided it was time to update my home computer. I don't have single signon there, but I do have Chrome as my default browser. I wasn't expecting the same installation issues to occur but they did. It's obviously Chrome.

This time, I decided to try a different approach.

Following an anonymous tip in the comments of my last post - (Whoever you are - thanks!!!), I decided to make it difficult for Notes to find the C:\Lotus\Notes\Framework folder.

I closed Notes, and renamed the folder from Framework to xFramework.

Then started designer.

I was expecting it to fall in a heap, but it worked, albeit not particularly well. Still, this was the first time that designer had actually started.

I closed it down again and renamed the folder back.

The next time I started designer, it worked perfectly. Problem solved.


Anthony Holmes said...

Hi Gavin,

I'm VERY pleased to hear you're up and running.

Out of curiosity: Why did you choose to eventually reinstall the old Single Login service, rather than choosing the new Shared Logon capability (which wouldn't have required a reinstallation). Were you simply wanting to keep using the method you've used in the past, or is there a reason why the new Shared Logon isn't a good choice for you? (I'm trying to get a sense of how this feature fits with real world situations.)

Graham Dodge said...

IIRC you deleted everything Yellow off the work PC prior to the original R8.51 install (which would include any existing
'C:\Lotus\Notes\Framework' folder) and then you ran the install.

Did you delete all of 'C:\Lotus' off the home PC before the update there? If you did, then the \L\N\F folder that you had to rename would have been put there by the R8.51 install process.

I'm certainly intrigued by that scenario. I'll stay tuned on this one.

Gavin Bollard said...

Graham; I didn't delete anything off the Home PC. Everything (replication settings and address book) came across nicely (after kicking designer a bit).

It's weird how the fresh install at work with everything deleted (including a manual hunt through the directories) failed to allow install.

Gavin Bollard said...

The shared login was a difficult thing. The problem is that I've got...

a. An installation at home which I don't use my network login for.

b. Several Ids at work... One for myself, one for signing databases and one for the test server.

As it is, I've got four scenarios which crash the notes client in under 30 seconds. One of them involves trying to switch IDs while the shared logon facility is operational.

Skip said...

Could you link to the tip about starting in Framework