Tuesday, December 01, 2009

How to block your number (for Caller ID) on the Blackberry Bold 9000

I was asked to help someone with this today and I spent ages searching for the option (because it's not in the obvious place). I didn't get a lot of help online either, so I thought I'd put a post out there to fill in the gap.

It's not on the spanner icon (settings) where you'd expect it to be.

  1. From the front screen of your Blackberry
  2. Push the green phone button
  3. Push the blackberry button
  4. Scroll through the menu to find "Options"
  5. Choose "General Options"
  6. Scroll down to "Show my Number"
  7. If it says, Yes, then your caller id displays when you ring people. If no, then it doesn't.
  8. Change it to whatever you want by pushing the pearl
  9. Push the Blackberry button and choose Save.
It should take effect immediately.

Bear in mind though that lots of people won't accept calls from unlisted numbers - though if you're having trouble getting people to accept calls from YOU on a listed number, maybe going unlisted is a better option.

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Anonymous said...

Hey. I have also been trying to block my number from showing up when I call people. I want it to show as "Private Caller". You almost had it right. For those of you who are following these directions, the last thing is wrong. Go to options, then general options as he instructed, then it's :
Restrict my identity: Always, Never, or Network Determined.

Select: Always if you want to block your number.