Thursday, August 12, 2010

Quick Rant: Why does Blackberry Discriminate against Australians?

I've noticed this on Blackberry a lot over the years and it always irritates me. Today, I thought I should post a quick rant to pass that irritation on.

See the picture...

Why the discrimination against Australians and South Koreans?

I'm sure I could bypass this with the right IP filter but that's not the point. Why do we get picked on. What have we ever done to Blackberry?


Anonymous said...

Blame your government. It's got nothing to do with you personally. It's a legal issue.

Anthony Holmes said...

Surely your gripe is with ? A large collection of App World applications are available in Australia, so presumably it's the developer that's restricting it. It's hard to imagine what their problem might be, but I wonder whether Spicelabs have sold Australian and South Korean rights to Hangman to somebody else.

(The comment by #1 (above) about it being because of Australian government legal restrictions is likely to be complete nonsense. Perhaps caused by the proposed - but unimplemented plan to censor some web pages.)