Friday, May 17, 2013

How to Get your Personal Address Book Data Synching with IBM Notes Traveler and the iPhone/Android

I'm surprised that nobody seems to know how to do this - well, according to my research on the web anyway. So here it is, the instructions for getting your IBM Notes (we don't use the words Lotus Notes anymore) personal address book Synched with your Apple iPhone (and presumably Android too).

Note: I'm assuming that you're already running Traveler and are able to get your mail and calendar.

Enabling Contacts Synchronisation
In IBM Notes, Select File, then Preferences.
Click on Contacts
Make sure that this is turned on;
   [x] Enable "Synchronise Contacts " on the Replication and Sync Tab
While you're in here, make sure that in the Recent Contacts section you have selected;
   (o) Do not add any names

This bit isn't critical to the procedure but it's caused us no end of grief.  It's fine if you don't have lots of outside contacts in a giant corporate address book but it's painful if you do.

Click Ok.

Enabling Replication
On the top Left of Notes, 
Click Open, then Replication and Sync

Make sure that [x] Synchronise Contacts is Enabled.

Setting a Replication Schedule
Click Schedule and then Set Replicaton/Sync Schedule.

Ensure that the Normal Priority is on and at least set to run every 60 minutes on at least business days.

Click Ok.

If you want, you can click Start Now to kick-start immediate replication.

That's it, give it a few minutes (probably less than 5) and you'll have a phone full of contacts. From now on, you can update your contacts on your phone or in your person address book and they'll synch.

Special Note: Don't forget that if you remove and reinstall (or upgrade) your Notes client, you'll probably need to redo these steps or the synch will stop working.


Anonymous said...


please note that in some installation i found that checkbox must be unchecked and checked again. (Founded after upgrade to IBM Notes 9.0 - at least before IF1)

Anonymous said...

If you set the user policies correctly you can ensure replication is enabled.

Also from 8.5.3FP3 and higher

CHECK_SYNC_PAB_ENTRY=1 will force the address book to synchronize.
This can be push via policy.

nick wall said...

And from memory, if using Notes Basic, you can't get to preferences via "File\Preferences", you need to go to personal address book, then "More\Preferences".

Anonymous said...

I guess you just have to know where to look: Notes 9.0 Social Edition#action=openDocument&res_title=Synchronizing_contacts_with_iNotes_and_mobile_devices_N90&content=pdcontent