Friday, April 29, 2016

Uploading Files to Connections using the Desktop Plug-ins

The new IBM Connections Desktop Plug-ins are out today... and there seem to be quite a few changes.

I decided to have a play and to document the experience for our users.  The result is another presentation. 

As usual, sorry for all the blurring but I have to provide some protection.  :-)

This particular tutorial simply shows how to get a file from Microsoft Excel 2013 up to a Connections.Cloud community using the File, Save As menu option.

There are other ways but I didn't want to confuse people with them... not yet anyway. 

BTW: If the controls on the slides aren't working, you might want to head over to Slideshare.

How to upload a file to an IBM Connections.Cloud Community using the Plugins in Microsoft Office 2013 from Gavin Bollard

A Word on Updates

The last slide in this series tells you where to get the plug-ins. They seem to update very regularly (monthly) and each update brings great new features. Of course, it's a bit much to expect your users to;

  1. Know where to look and how to check for an Update
  2. Have an IBM Greenhouse Account (which you need to be able to download)
  3. Know how to extract a ZIP file (okay, some people know that).
It was suggested that we should store the updates locally (perhaps in a community) so that our users can access them without all the extra hassle.  This is a very good idea. 

In our case, since our systems are "locked down" and users can't install anything without the administrator, that's mostly a moot point -- but we do still have a dedicated area where we store the current versions so that any future installs will use up-to-date installs which have been tested by the IT Department.  

In any case, your users may want to install these plug-ins on their home or other devices; depending upon your internal network policies. 

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