Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How to Embed Video into your IBM Connections Wiki

Everybody loves video but while IBM Connections allows you to upload images, for some reason it doesn't have a simple "video upload" function.

No problems though... just add your own code.

Attaching your MP4 File

If you're referencing an external public video, for example something on Youtube, then you can simply copy the embed codes from there.  If you want to host your own video (privately) on connections, you'll need to follow these instructions;

  1. Open your IBM Connections Wiki and go to attachments. 
  2. Upload your MP4 file as an attachment.
  3. Once it's uploaded, right mouse click on it and copy the URL to the Clipboard.

Figuring out How Big Your Video Is

You'll probably have seen your video playing somewhere already, so if you can, screenshot it and put it into a graphics package.  Crop the edges so that just your video is showing and then attempt to do a resize.  The original dimensions shown, should give you an indication of the size.

Alternatively, you can just take an educated guess....

From Youtube, the Common sizes video are;

  • 560x340, 640x385, and 853x505 for HD
  • 425x344, 480x385, and 640x505 for SD

Referencing your Video

Edit your Wiki Page and then click on the HTML Source Tab in the Top Right hand corner.  Find some blank space in the html and add the following;

Unfortunately, with this blog being on the web, I can't paste the exact code (because it gets interpreted by the browser) but to make things easier I've added the sample code below.  Simply;

  1. Change all of the curly braces { and } to html braces < and >.  
  2. Replace the Pink Width and Height with your own Width and Height
  3. Replace the Green url with the URL you copied earlier.

{object width="660" height="360"}
    {param name="movie" value=""}{/param}
{param name="wmode" value="transparent"}{/param}


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Anonymous said...

We've just tried this but instead of playing the video it just downloads the file. Any tips on how to fix this?