Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Good Resources for Support with IBM Connections and Verse 1: Linked In Groups

I was originally hoping to produce a single list of all of my (so far) collected resources. Of course, the problem with that is that I have to review the sites to make sure that they're still relevant -- and provide at least some added value.  

I've decided, that in the short term, I'll just point out some useful groups of sites. This is the first of a bunch of posts on the topic. This time, I'm covering LinkedIN. 


If you're not a member of LinkedIN, it's well worth signing up (it's free anyway).

LinkedIN has matured over the years and while people are usually still "too serious" on the site, It's no longer just a place for jobs.  There's some great technical discussions and articles that come up on there.

LinkedIN isn't the best resource for connections but it's one of the easiest ones to engage.

IBM Messaging & Collaboration Professionals

This group has 29,000 members and it's fairly active (with at least weekly posts on interesting articles). There are questions on IBM Notes, information on Sametime, links to bootstrap articles and summaries of connections events.  It's probably the best of the linkedIN groups to join.

IBM Enterprise Social Software Technologies

This group has 9,000 members and it's probably  the most active of the IBM Connections LinkedIN groups with new posts every couple of days.  Subjects covered include training, connections features, verse on mobile devices and more.  This is a good second group to join. 

Social Connections - The IBM Connections User Group

This group has around 4,000 members and seems to post weekly. It covers news about IBM and Connections. It seems to be good for non-technical information. 

Lotus Software Users Group

This painfully titled group has only 3,000 members but it does cover quite a bit of ground from Verse to Notes/Domino, to XPages and OpenNTF.  There's a little spam in this group and it's updated fortnightly but there's still some good info and contacts. 

More to come?

I hope to follow this post up with posts about connections resources at IBM, in Connections, on Twitter and on other people's blogs, so stay tuned. Also, if you have any other good LinkedIN groups, please feel free to comment them. 

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