Thursday, July 07, 2016

Copy as Table works (in One Direction) for IBM Notes/Verse Interactions

Copy as table used to be one of my favourite IBM Notes features. We have a lot of databases full of documents, news stories etc. We also have an office which is "entirely migrated to" but not entirely using Verse. 

Some people just won't let go of the Notes interface - we're working on that problem. 

One of our databases contains news stories, the links for which we regularly send out to the rest of the organisation.

We quickly discovered that the Verse users couldn't open the links. This is because the doclinks had our Notes Server names (eg: http://internalserver.ournetwork.local) as http, instead of Notes protocol; (Notes://internalserver).

This morning I discovered a great update to Verse.  I don't know when exactly IBM did it, but I'm very grateful.

To Copy Documents as a Table

  1. Go to a Notes database (in the Notes Client) and select a bunch of documents 
  2. Use Right Mouse click, Copy as Table, 
  3. They're now on the clipboard. 
If you paste these into a new email via the Notes client, then ONLY notes users will be able to use them. 

If you paste these into a new email via the VERSE client, then clients with either Notes or Verse will be able to use them. 

Always use the Verse client... even if your people aren't on verse yet.  One day they will be ... and wouldn't it be nice if the old emails still worked. 

Copy as Table - in Action

For added fun, in case you don't want a table in your email, you can try merging the cells in verse and then re-copying the data out of the table into another part of verse (and deleting the original table).

One Final Caution

Since the links are Notes:// links, they won't work on mobile versions of Verse - at least not yet.  Not until IBM provides us with the mobile app for ICAA - IBM® Client Application Access (formerly known as IBM Notes® Browser Plug-in).

(hint, hint IBM).

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