SharePoint works if you start working the NEW way

It's been a long road from drive letters to SharePoint but I feel quite comfortable in this space now. It's all a matter of perspective -- and of course, resisting the urge to rebuild the old world in the new space. 

SharePoint works extremely well with files but there's a disturbing trend that I've seen amongst my users.  They use Sync to create a local replica of the entire of their SharePoint file libraries on their computers.

Apart from being extremely dangerous, this also introduces a lot of complications. One of the biggest complications is that many of the limitations that don't exist or are reduced in SharePoint, particularly folder structure (long path and file names) are still present in Windows 10. This means that if you sync a large SharePoint library you may find it difficult to save files in the lower levels on your PC.

When you think about it, syncing everything is just a way of trying to bring the old world into the new. A way to continue using "mapped drives".

I've found that working a new way, makes things so much easier but of course, it requires a bit of retraining.

A Training Presentation

Below is a presentation I made to help train people where I work on the new way to work with SharePoint files. I've deliberately kept it short and tried not to go off on tangents.  Feel free to use it and modify it for your audiences.


and here's an embedded version.


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