If you use Multi-Factor Authentication, you need another Module to connect PowerShell

Last week, following best practice guidelines, we switched to Multi-Factor Authentication. While it was a little painful at first, it's working well now for our admin team. I'm not sure if or when we'll push this out to our users. It might be too difficult for them.

(in fact, personally, I think that Google's token system might be far easier)

In any case, as it turns out, we can't login to PowerShell now that MFA is running.

A little searching provided the answer. We had to install an extension for PowerShell.  The process is already very well documented, so I won't go over here except to add one observation;

  • You must install it via Edge (or possibly IE) -- it won't install via Chrome. 


Ben said…
Actually, I have found you can use the app password generated at MFA setup :-)

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